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custom order form

Looking for a custom food or a variation on a piece we've already created? This is the form for you!

We are happy to sculpt custom foods. A few things to know up front:

What we can create: We can make all kinds of food! A special meal, a copy of your wedding cake, a weird fruit, that one epic food from that special occasion. A photo is very helpful, but not necessary. We love google images and pinterest and can track it down.

Trademarked/ branded foods: We can't create foods that have brand names (eg. we can make soda, but not a specific brand of soda with a label), or are a trademarked design (if a generic version of your goody doesn't exist, we can't make it.) We don't have licensing agreements with brands to legally use their branding, so we can only make generic foods.  

Non- food items: Our passion is miniature food, so we're happy to create any food. If you'd like something non-food (pets, sports, hobbies, etc.), we are happy to refer you to other crafters we know who will do a more awesome job on your non-food custom request.

Timeline: We can usually create your custom goody in about 2-4 weeks, depending on our sculpting schedule. If you need it sooner, feel free to email and ask- sometimes we can make it happen.

Christmas + Hanukkah + holiday season orders: We recommend getting these in as early as possible. For holiday delivery, custom order deadline is Oct. 15. 

Pricing: Custom goodies are priced based on the complexity of the piece. Generally, our custom work is in the same range as our other pieces. The more detailed and complex the design, the more labor-intensive it is to create, and it's priced accordingly. We'll give you a firm quote.